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The WordPress plugin Limit Login Countries is my very first public WordPress plugin. So far I have hidden all the other plugins I have written, but that might change. The plugin gives you the ability to limit WordPress admin logins based on the country the visitor’s IP address is located in. It’s available for free under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2 (or any later version). It’s available for download in the official WordPress plugin directory.

You can follow the plugin’s development on GitHub. You are welcome to join the development. Just report an issue or send me a pull request.

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  1. Hello Dirk! Thank you for creating this product. I am having difficulty with the folder selection structure due to my installation of WordPress 4.1 running on IIS8/Windows Server 2012. Is there a way for me to manipulate the expected folder? I have tried every combination of forward/back slashes without success.
    The specific error I received on my latest attempt:
    For your convenience we tried to find a database file. We searched this plugin’s directory as well as your WordPress upload directory.
    •C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wordpress/wp-content/uploads\GeoLiteCity.dat ()

    note the reversal of direction on the slashes.

    Kind Regards and Merry Christmas,


    • Hi Kirk,
      the search mechanism is just a feature for the users convenience, just manually enter the correct path to the database file into the text field. Moreover you could try the current master from Github it should be quite stable, I’m running it on my site, too. Among many other changes I improved the search for existing database files. I have no experience with PHP on an IIS but on unixoid machines decently modern PHP versions don’t care about the direction of slahes.

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